Bathroom tubs For Sale - The Top Choices

If you are renovating a bathroom in order to ready your home for sale or perhaps just updating it for your own personel comfort, replacing the bathtub is a great idea. It's a pity more people don't take time for a bath. The bath it seems has become more popular decade after decade which most likely isn't just a coincidence.


It goes hand in hand with each and every generation feeling busier and more rushed. Who has time to have a bath when a shower is quick and to the point, obtaining the job done in a tenth of the time? Well if you are looking for a tub, hopefully you have found time at least every once in a while to take the deep breath, slow down and enjoy a bath.


We'll look at bath tubs for sale and which ones might be best for you. We start with area as in how much do you have? Bathtubs come in all shape and also sizes and it can be easy to get carried away choosing a huge bath tub that will not even come close to fitting where your aged tub sits now.


So measure the space you have to make certain your new tub will fit the bill. The simplest tubs are the get foot variety, which require very little installation. Basically the container sits in the space that you have and all that is left would be to connect the plumbing. Choosing this type of tub is great for get it done yourselfers.


If something a little more upscale is in your programs there are plenty of tubs to choose from including Jacuzzi style versions. These types of tubs can be like a hot tub right in your own bathroom along with jets to massage you, heaters to bring the water in order to the right temperature, built in stereos and lighting.


The only issue with these tubs is having to finally get out and start its work! Also a consideration is that extremely large tubs of this dimension do take a lot of water and therefore time to fill, therefore plan accordingly.


Choosing from all the bathtubs sale will be fun and easy. In most cases you will need a professional to install your new bath to make sure there are no leaks.


Showers might make for a fast easy start to our day every morning, but there are some things about a great bathtub that forces us all to decelerate, relax and appreciate what we have...


How do I motivate a client to consider purchasing a walk in bathtub?


Tell your sales team that one on the first things they should do is ask questions. Find out what the actual customer's needs really are. Talking a healthy 30-year-old into buying a walk in bathtub could be a very hard sell. But as a person age groups, needs change. That 50-year-old might not be quite ready to buy a walk in bathtub when they walk in the doors, but if you discover that your husband hopes to remain in the same home for the rest of their life, marketing the walk in tub idea is going to be far easier. And even in the event the person plans on selling their home in a few years, a stroll inside the street and you|stroll through} bathtub is an asset they might be willing to consider.


The real step to motivating a customer to consider purchasing a walk in bathtub is exploration for information. "Why are you looking for a bathtub today? " is a good operator. Is there a chance that a senior parent might come into the style in a few years? Has your customer almost fallen in the bathtub recently?


When you take the time to seek information, it demonstrates that you're searching for the perfect fit for your customer. Most customers expect you to try and offer the most expensive model on the floor. Disarm them by displaying a walk-in bath that fits their needs, without all the features. Then work your way up to the top of the line.


How do I prepare a great walk in bath sales presentation so it goes well even if the customer interrupts me?


This is one of the most challenging aspects of product sales. Customers are always interrupting and asking questions. This is why you have to help your sales team put together a flexible sales presentation. Choose that the most important information is.


All the walk-in bathtubs you will sell share certain common features. Form the core with the presentation around these things. Then it is safe to allow the client to start asking questions about the differences between the different walk in the street and you|stroll through} bathtubs that you offer. You can use the core information like a reference point for any comparisons or contrasts between different features that are offered.


Why should I know the disadvantages as well as the advantages of different stroll inside the street and you|stroll through} tub designs?


In order to give a well-balanced presentation that simply leaves customers feeling comfortable that you are sharing fair and well balanced information, it is vital that your sales team knows all of the disadvantages along with the advantages of the walk in tub designs you sell.


With one group of people, a door that swings to the inside might be regarded as a disadvantage. Your sales team should know what these disadvantages may be. For another person, a door that swings to the outdoors might be considered a disadvantage. Make sure your sales team knows these too.


For one person, the lower cost of a gelcoat finish might totally outweigh the increased durability of a solid acrylic walk in bathroom. For another, the fact that gelcoats can chip and expose the actual fiberglass layer will be all the motivation they need to spend several extra dollars on acrylic walk in tub.


How do I get ready myself for my first day selling walk in récipient?


Tell your sales team that nothing is as important as becoming knowledge specialist on all things walk in tub. One way to become a knowledge pro involves reading every piece of literature produced by the manufacturer. Your own sales staff will know the walk in tubs that you sell through the manufacturer's perspective.


Then do some research into the questions that clients ask before they get serious about purchasing a walk in bath. Make sure that every single walk in bath sales person knows the answers to these queries. Nothing makes a salesperson's interaction with a potential walk in bath purchaser more effective than the ability to demonstrate that they know each and every potential problem and concern the customer might have and to possess good answers for each question.


What is the most important thing to keep in mind as I try to sell walk in bathtubs?


Remind your sales personnel that the most important thing to remember, no matter what they are selling, is to rest and smile. People respond to someone who is friendly along with who doesn't appear to be trying too hard. There is an old expressing in sales, "Logic unlocks the mind and emotions uncover the pocketbook, and humor gets the job done".


A few of your customers, especially when you're working with two individuals trying to choose what is the best choice for both of them, can end up being just a little trying. Don't take it personally. That's just the way many people communicate with each other. If you see the least evidence that one of the people has a sense a humor, used as a way to break the ice.


A possibility quite as important to remember this, but do help remind your sales staff that many of the people they work with could be nurtured into future sales if they're handled properly the first time a walk in the door.


We all want to make the most of our own hard earned money. So for those who are shopping for bathtubs for their homes, they might be on the look out for bathtubs for sale. Even though purchasing them on sale is a good idea, it is also wise to do a bit of investigation to avoid being conned. Here are some tips to consider that will help you along the way.


Purchase from Reputable Sellers


Don't just settle for any online owner but check that the seller is a reputable one. As tubs can be quite bulky, you may want to check whether these reputable vendors offer shipping for free or what are their standard costs. This is to help you with your budget spending as transport prices for your new clawfoot bathtubs may vary depending on the delivery area. All the information should be easily available so that you do not have to waste a lot of time looking through the entire web site for it. And you won't get swindled very easily if you buy from a reputable and reliable seller.


Find Out The actual Warranty


Although getting bathtubs for sale will save you a big amount of money, you will also need to check on what is the warranty of the item. While the bathtub may look really good online and priced nicely, does it come with installation service or only delivery support? Other than shipping rates, what if your tub arrives at your house step broken or chipped? And if everything was set up fine, what happens if the product was faulty? For example in case the tub leaks or is not stable. It's always good to discover what the warranty covers so that you won't end up having a unpleasant time trying to get it replaced after spending money on it.


Evaluate The Pricing


Not everything that says 'sale' is actually for sale. So please check around to compare prices so that you will know what is the cost for the modern bathtubs that you are planning to buy. In declaring that, please also don't swing to the other end of your scale by going for super cheap tubs either. Whilst quality is important, you need to ensure that you are getting what you are paying for.




These are just some of the important tips to consider before paying for any kind of bathtubs for the home. While shopping for them online is usually convenient, do be careful and remember to shop from reputable dealers. Have a good one!

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